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Кубок Белогорья

Advanced statistics

Кубок Белогорья
  • Dates: 01.08.2016 - 06.08.2016
  • Place: Russian Federation / Belgorod
  • Subevent:
    » Hot Air Balloon Championship of Central Federal Region 2016
  • Event director: Chubarov Evgeny
  • Description:

    Количество участников: до 15 экипажей.

Competition statistics

General information
Total AM PM

Rank Pilot Win
[1000 point]
13Bazhenov Sergey7
22Vinogradov Sergey5
37Snetkov Oleg3
56Vertiprakhov Igor2
104Zhokhov Oleg1
65Antonov Andrey1
119Oparina Maria1
412Levdin Oleg1

Rank Pilot Point
total lag average
13Bazhenov Sergey149680680
22Vinogradov Sergey14686282668
37Snetkov Oleg14670298667
412Levdin Oleg122772691558
56Vertiprakhov Igor122462722557
65Antonov Andrey120712897549
71Chizhov Andrey119613007544
811Zhokhov Dmitriy115813387526
98Polikarenko Igor111433825507
104Zhokhov Oleg103954573473
119Oparina Maria96115357437
1210Afanasiev Valery82206748374

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