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6-я Воздухоплавательная фиеста Марамуреш, Румыния
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  • Даты проведения: 05.10 - 12.10.19
  • Место проведения: Реюньон / Бая-Маре
  • Описание:
    We dedicate this edition to the living villages of Lapus Country, in the east of Maramures.
    Last year, everyone got a taste of their joy. When visited, this joy is unlocked, for them and for us.
    We want to share more of this, the magic of ballooning and the magic of these great people, Europe's last Mohicans.
    We prepare a 7-day festival story, promoting village culture. Some of the non-flying fun of the week includes:
    - craft workshops every day for children and adults in woodcarving, traditional jewelery, weaving and knitting
    - guided walks to ancient forests and nature reserves
    - self-guided tours of the villages
    - a day-long exploration of the neighbouring Land of Maramures (Tuesday)
    - social gatherings every evening in villages of Lapus
    We hope the event will be good for the community and a memorable family experience for pilots and crew.



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