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3-й Кубок Центральной Европы

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3-й Кубок Центральной Европы
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  • Даты проведения: 09.09.2019 - 15.09.2019
  • Место проведения: Венгрия / Сегед
  • В рамках мероприятия пройдут:
    » 3-й Кубок Центральной Европы
    » 39-й Чемпионат Венгрии по воздухоплавательному спорту
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  • Описание:

    3rd Central European Cup

    39th Hungarian National Championship

    1st Women Europen Cup

    4th Szeged Ballon Cup fiesta

    4th Szeged Airshow


3-й Кубок Центральной Европы

Kusternigg Daniel
Molnár Péter
1Kusternigg Daniel19007
2Molnár Péter18578
3Чубаров Евгений18143
4Konecsni János17106
5Nagy Péter16945
6Karlstrom Kenneth (Ken)16905
7Simoner Andreas16683
8Garab Szabolcs16628
9Buzeti Dejan15812
10Molnár Csaba15430
11Kalousdian Christian Kurken15405
12Oudenampsen Jan14568
13Abel Michael14327
14Becz Rita13684
15Fokken Jan Henderic12086
16Dudás Péter11472
17Насонова Диана11452
18Almer Johann10303
19Eklics Gábor9776
20Ule Inga9405
21Демчук Максим9304
22Toth Mihály7538
23Szabó Péter7204
24Hunor Gábor6566
25Moscara Raffaele6037
26Stieber József5798
27Pácza Pál5574



14:00 – 18:00 9th September Check-in Szeged Airport
19:00 9th September General Briefing Szeged Airport
20:00 9th September Opening Ceremony City Hall
05:15, 16:00 10th-14th September Task Briefing Szeged Airport
22:00 14th September Closing Ceremony Szeged, Dóm Square
05:15 15th September Extra Task Briefing if needed Szeged Airport
08:00 – 11:00 15th September Check-out


The entry fee (see in schedule) includes are FAI loggers, officials, electronic maps and rules, propane for the flights, light breakfast and lunch, for pilot + 3 (Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday – Saturday), cold dinner on the Awards Ceremony, pilot pack souvenirs, free camping facilities on the airport with your own equipment. If you don’t want to camp then you should manage and pay your accommodation. Some help is here. The first gas refilling will be after the first competition flight. The entry fee is not refundable except if the Event is cancelled. Printed map is available if you request it, the price is 10 EUR / piece. You should pay it with the entry fee.